“Spider’s Corner” by Kyle Richardson

In a little corner in a far off land there was a spider

The spider worked all day long building his web

He was proud of his silky empire as it rested neatly in the shade

Many insects fell victim to his throne becoming tasty meals

For a long time the spider ruled his domain proud and prideful

One day there was a little rain, then more rain, then even more rain

Gushing tears fell from the sky and destroyed all the spider worked for

Every line, every stored meal, every web of his kingdom was destroyed

Walking over the remnants observing his shattered country he decided to leave

Over treacherous forest’s of grass and desolate grey slabs of concrete he walked

Evading and fighting his many enemies trying to survive the harsh world

Finally he found another little corner, another new land perfect and virgin

He built a new colony, a new home, a new empire full of hope

Then a man came destroyed his web while he watched and steped on him

Crushing him completely his guts and legs sprawled across the barren rocks

All kingdoms and empires eventually end this way.


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